Custom Options

red custom 4 passengerCentury Cart Connections can customize any used golf cart to meet your needs/desires.

Our most popular upgrade is to add a rear facing, fold-down seat that turns a standard golf car into either a 4 passenger vehicle or a utility vehicle with a flat bed carrier.

Other popular customizations include:

  • “Lifting” a cart’s suspension to allow for oversized tires/wheels
  • Adding headlights and taillights for use at night in neighborhoods or campgrounds. Brake lights and turn signals can also be installed.
  • Changing out a cart’s original body and replacing with color coordinated body, seats and roof.
  • Installing rear view mirrors or stereo systems.
  • Installing a “utility box” to carry cargo.
  • Creating custom painted designs on carts that gives the vehicle a one-of-a-kind appearance.
  • Supplying and installing specialty items such as snow plows or mounted or towed salt spreaders.
  • Solar panel battery recharging options for electric carts.

Most accessories are carried in stock. Our service departments can install any item that you can find in a catalog or on the internet.