2021 Polaris Pro XD

Featured Image for 2021 Polaris Pro XD
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Manufacturer Polaris
Class Utility
Type Gas / Diesel
Condition New
Year 2020

Industry-Leading Commercial Utility Vehicles Built to Withstand The Tough Duty Cycles And Usage on The Worksite – The New Work UTV Standard.

Durability is key to help prevent vehicle breakdowns. From upgraded driveline components like heavy duty bearings and drive shaft, to the industry’s first hard-pack jobsite tire, the PRO XD will still be running when others are in the shop.

Down time kills productivity. That’s why the PRO XD is designed for less frequent service, easier to conduct daily maintenance checks, and more sensors to alert the user of possible issues before they require vehicle service.

Safety Features
Safety is number one for government and commercial users, and the PRO XD is engineered from the inside out for jobsite safety, including orange seatbelts and decals for high visibility, standard backup alarm and horn, and speed-limited for jobsite compliance.

Select from the following vehicles for detailed information:

PRO XD 2000D 2WD 2-passenger Diesel
Starting at $14,599 US MSRP

PRO XD 2000G AWD 2-passenger Gas
Starting at $14,799 US MSRP

PRO XD 2000D AWD 2-passenger Diesel
Starting at $16,099 US MSRP

PRO XD 4000G AWD 4-passenger Gas
Starting at $16,799 US MSRP

PRO XD 4000D AWD 4-passenger Diesel
Starting at $17,749 US MSRP

Build & Price
After build submission, your local sales rep. will followup with more information and pricing details.